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A few pieces I did for RedStripe

Me Circle.png

My contribution to the art pieces below

Developed Concept / Strategy

Designed All Artwork

Some Copywriting

The Artwork BG.jpg

The Artwork

Artwork 1 (For the "Beer is Here" - Campaign)

Have one ice cold.png

Artwork 2 (For the "Beer is Here" - Campaign)

Well cold.png

Artwork 3 (For the "Beer is Here" - Campaign)

Just Right.png

Artwork 4 (Citigroup Building 3D Graphic)

Light Building Graphic.png

Artwork 5 (For a wall inside the Airport)

Wall display Beach Party.png

Artwork 6 (For a wall inside the Airport)

Jamaica 50 Wall wrap.png

Artwork 7 (Cash for Bottles Promo)

Cash Back Bottles.png

Artwork 8 (Jo Jo's Restaurant Wall Art)

Feel the music.png

Artwork 9 (Annual Report Book)

Annual Report Book.png
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