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I Chose Wealth Campaign

What I created for this campaign

In early 2023, (Through Lindo FCB Communications) I took on the responsibility of creating an Ad campaign promoting NCB Capital Markets CapFunds.

I had a tight one-week deadline.

Developed Concept / Strategy

Designed All Artwork

All Copywriting

The Client's Request

Create an engaging campaign targeting entry-level professionals (e.g., teachers, police officers, firefighters) with limited finances (average savings of JMD $500k). The campaign's core essence is relatability, connecting with the audience on a human level. It addresses financial concerns, fear of investing, and liquidity constraints.

Utilizing compelling messaging and visuals, the campaign highlights the benefits of investing in a Unit Trust over traditional savings methods. It empowers potential customers to make informed decisions, recognizing the potential advantages of Unit Trust products.

The ultimate goal is to position NCB Capital Markets as a trustworthy partner, supporting the financial aspirations of the target audience. The campaign aims to foster trust and encourage them to embark on a secure and prosperous financial journey.

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My Solution
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I Chose



The Unit Trust Campaign is primarily tailored to the needs of entry-level professionals, such as teachers, police officers, and firefighters. I understood that while these professionals have diligently saved and continue to add to their savings, their finances may not be reaching their full potential.

A two-fold benefit of the "I Chose Wealth" Campaign

This concept was designed to break through to the target audience by helping them relate to people like them. I employed a first-person, testimonial, storytelling approach that features current clients articulating their key challenges and how NCB Capital Markets CapFund solutions effectively address those issues.

Because I employed a first-person testimonial approach, this allowed me to effectively create communication material that avoids being flagged by Meta detection bots for words such as "you" and "your".

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The Message

The campaign aims to communicate the following key messages:

Get on the path to wealth:

By investing in a Unit Trust, entry-level professionals can benefit from higher interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts. This will enable them to grow their wealth more effectively over time.

Simplified Access to CapFund:

I wanted to emphasize that opening a CapFund account is not a complicated process, nor does it require a large initial investment. The campaign highlights the ease of getting started and the affordability of this wealth-building tool.

The primary objective is to ensure that this campaign effectively communicates these points, empowering entry-level professionals to make informed financial decisions that will serve them well in the long run.

Achieve Your Financial Goals with a NCBCM CapFund: 

The campaign showcases how investing in a CapFund can be a powerful strategy for achieving financial goals and accumulating wealth. By presenting relatable success stories and clear examples, NCBCM could inspire entry-level professionals to take control of their financial future.

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The Visual Communication

The anatomy
of the visual communication


The introductory phrase "I Chose" is utilized in each headline to emphasize the personal decision made by the showcased customer to embark on a journey towards wealth. This approach effectively captures the attention of the target audience, who are likely to be interested in discovering how an individual with similar circumstances has opted to engage with NCBCM.


The next section illuminates the reasoning behind the individual's decision, providing further substantiation of their commitment. To underscore the authenticity of the account, the name, profession and type of CapFund invested in is displayed.

The approach to showcase the customer is designed to establish a relatable connection with the viewer. By presenting the customer in a manner where they maintain direct eye contact, as if speaking directly to the viewer, It was my goal to create an engaging and personable viewing experience.

Meet Winston
the Chef

The advantages of a CapFund account over a traditional savings account are communicated by Winston the Chef by highlighting the accelerated interest accumulation that is attainable.


This benefit is not readily available through standard savings accounts, thereby positioning CapFund as a more advantageous option.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Winston Caro.png

Meet Stephanie
the Teacher

In this example, we see Stephanie, a professional in the education industry, who aspires to pursue her passion for teaching while also creating a passive stream of wealth.


The NCBCM CapFund has facilitated her efforts in achieving this objective. Stephanie's success serves as an appealing incentive for individuals who seek to adopt a comparative approach toward wealth accumulation.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Stephanie Caro.png

Meet Patrick
the Farmer

With his background in farming, Patrick possesses a fundamental comprehension of the principle of reaping what one sows. Nevertheless, his experience with CapFund investments has demonstrated that he can reap a greater harvest than what he initially sowed.


While he acknowledges the value of saving, Patrick aims to convey to the viewer that relying solely on saving is insufficient for achieving wealth.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Patrick Caro.png

Meet Ashley
the Soldier

Ashley's account is a poignant narrative that resonates with viewers who are also parents.


The aspiration to secure a brighter future for their children is a common sentiment among parents, and NCBCM offers an opportunity to establish a legacy fund for this purpose by investing in a CapFund.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Ashley Caro.png

Meet Catherine
the Pilot

Catherine, an aviation professional, acknowledges the convenience of utilizing autopilot when flying an aircraft. Analogously, Catherine loves the recurring order feature of the NCBCM Wealth Connect App because it allows her to Invest on autopilot. She also setup a standing order of USD $500 deposit monthly.


This communication aims to convey the opton of setting up a standing order for automated investing and the low-maintenance nature of CapFund investments, as little oversight is required for success with this investment vehicle.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Catherine Caro.png

Meet Marvin
the Mechanic

Marvin, a mechanic, has a passion for fixing cars and dreams of owning his own shop. To achieve this goal, he knows he needs to invest his money wisely. That's why he chose to invest in xB-FUND. The investment objective of maximizing total return in US dollars aligns with his long-term financial goals.


Marvin is confident that he can take control of his career and open his own shop with this investment. He believes that building a solid financial foundation is the key to realizing his dream and xB-FUND is the perfect fit for his needs.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Marvin Caro.png

Meet Patricia
the Firefighter

Patricia, a firefighter, is accustomed to handling emergency situations on a daily basis. She recognizes the value of being prepared and equipped to manage any crisis that may arise. Correspondingly, financial emergencies can occur, and Patricia has taken steps to mitigate this risk by investing in a CapFund through NCBCM.


Through this communication, Patricia aims to highlight the significance of having a financial safety net and encourages viewers to consider doing the same by investing in a CapFund.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Patricia Caro.png

Meet Erica
the Welder

Erica, a welder who prioritizes safety as a critical aspect of her work, recognizes the significance of securing trusted expertise on her journey towards wealth. Her decision to select NCBCM as her investment partner signifies her confidence in their proficiency.


Erica endeavors to persuade viewers to follow suit and entrust the guidance of this team of wealth management experts on their path to financial prosperity.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Erica Caro.png

Meet Kerry-ann
the Pharmacist

Kerry-ann has gained valuable insight that relying solely on a savings account is insufficient for achieving financial freedom. She has taken the initiative to diversify her investment portfolio by investing in a CapFund from NCBCM.


As a financially astute individual, Kerry-ann encourages viewers to follow in her footsteps and make informed decisions towards achieving financial security.

Medium: Instagram Carousel

Kerry Caro.png

IG / Facebook Reels / Press Ads

“Added Income Stream”

“Easy with NCBCM”

“More Interest”

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250 x 250 PX


Google Ads

300 x 600 PX

300 x 50 PX

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Testimonial Style
Video Scripts 

Patrick’s Story 

Speaking while looking off camera

Patrick Face.png

Testimonial Video 1

As a farmer, I work hard to produce crops that I can sell to make a living,, even with all that hard work, life is unpredictable - sometimes, crops fail or prices drop, leaving me with less income than I had hoped for.


That's when I discovered NCB Capital Markets CapFunds. I was really focused on the idea of investing in a fund that would provide me with more interest on my money than what I was getting with a regular savings account.


Plus, the power of compound interest has allowed my investment to grow even more over time.


Overall, I would definitely recommend the NCBCM Wealth Connect App to other farmers, or anyone else who wants an ready and accessible way to invest their money wisely.  


It's a great option for anyone who is looking for low-risk investments that provide solid returns, and it's been a game-changer for me.


My name is Patrick Johnson and I invested in a NCB Captial Markets CapFund because I choose wealth.

Ashley’s Story 

Speaking while looking off camera

Ashley Face.png

Testimonial Video 2

As a mother and a soldier, I understand the importance of planning for the future.


It's not just about my own financial security, but also about ensuring that my children are taken care of, no matter what happens to me. I want to be sure that they have every opportunity to succeed and that they won't have to struggle like I did when I was growing up.


That's why I started looking into investment options and discovered NCB Capital Markets CapFund.


Getting started was easy and access was simple since I used the NCBCM Wealth connect app, and I was pleasantly surprised that all I needed was an initial investment of just J$50k!  


Honestly in my opinion, that was a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing my family's future is secure.


They even have a  recurring order feature on the app that has made it even easier to invest regularly and build wealth for my children.


It feels good to know that I'm making a smart investment for my family's future.


My name is Ashley Stewart and I invested in a NCB Captial Markets CapFund because I choose wealth for my children.

“Fund Fact!" Short SM Video Series


Kerry-ann will share a quick “Fund Fact” on something most people don’t know about investing in a CapFund.

Kerry-ann will read a question from her phone which will also be captioned on the screen.


What is one thing you wish you knew about investing in a CapFund that most people may not know?

Kerry-ann then provides the answer


One thing that many people may not know about investing in a CapFund is that it can offer diversification.


CapFunds invest in a variety of different assets, which can help to spread out risk and minimize the impact of any one asset's performance on the overall fund. I personally find this reassuring because I had some safety concerns, but investing in a CapFund with its diversification has significantly lowered my investment risk.

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