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Easy . Safe . Free

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What I created for this campaign

Developed Concept / Strategy

Designed All Artwork

All Copywriting

Campaign Overview

The primary objective of this Campaign was to raise awareness among the bank's customers about the seamless, secure, and cost-free banking experience offered by NCB. To achieve this, my focus was on highlighting the diverse range of digital banking services available, enabling convenient, safe, and fee-free transactions.

In line with the overarching theme of "simplicity" and "ease," I pursued a distinctive approach to the visual graphics, aiming to break new ground and set a precedent for NCB's creative endeavors. The goal was to deliver a visually captivating representation that embodies the essence of simplicity and ease, resonating strongly with the target audience.

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The Artwork Concepts

Artwork  Concept 1

Free 1.png

Artwork  Concept 2

Safe 1.png

Artwork  Concept 3

 easy 3.png

Artwork  Concept 4

easy 4.png

Artwork  Concept 5

NCB Digital Board.png

Artwork  Concept 6

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