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AMEX - Express Yourself

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What I created for this campaign

Developed Concept / Strategy

Designed All Artwork

All Copywriting


Restrictions are a thing of the past, thanks to NCB! American Express cardholders had to find a way to handle transactions on the island, because the card previously wasn't accepted anywhere!


Well, that was then... Now AmEx holders have the freedom to use their favourite card anywhere that NCB's POS has a home!

"Express yourself" is exactly what we want Amex cardholders to do, whether it's through buying their mother in law a "my daughter went to Jamaica and all I got was this" T-shirt at the souvenir shop,  or impressing their boss with our world famous Blue Mountain coffee, adding another week to their all inclusive hotel stay, or withdrawing money from the NCB ABM while they explore the island or see friends and relatives!


NCB gives them "More ways to express themselves "  as well as the freedom this new level of convenience creates!

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The Artwork Concepts

Poster  |  Press  Concept Artwork

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Social Media Post  Concept Artwork

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Poster  |  Press  Concept Artwork

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Social Media Post  Concept Artwork

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