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Blue Mountain Aromatics 

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What I created for this project

Developed Concept / Strategy

Designed All Artwork

All Copywriting

The Artwork BG.jpg

The Artwork Concepts

Concept Artwork 1

Poster 2.jpg

Concept Artwork 2

Poster 1.jpg

Concept Artwork 3

Poster 1b.jpg

Concept Artwork 4

Poster 2b.jpg
Radio BG.jpg

Radio Script

Radio Script 30 sec

Experience the aroma

Delivered by a female voiceover talent

V/O: During your busy day, you constantly hear this:

SFX: Traffic Sound

SFX: Baby Crying

SFX: Office with phone ringing / people talking loudly

V/O: But when you finally get home, we want you to experience this:

SFX: Voice saying Aaahhh / Birds and sounds of rainforest

SFX: Experience the aroma of the Blue Mountains.

Take home a Blue Mountains Aromatics Candle today.

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