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Value You Can Taste 

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What I created for this campaign

Developed Concept / Strategy

Designed All Artwork

All Copywriting

Campaign Overview

Although Caribbean Choice has had substantial sales growth recently, there is still much more room for growth in the general recognition and perception of the brand amongst prospective consumers. Research indicates that the brand could use a revamp in order to strengthen its distinct identity and value proposition.

The goal of this campaign is to fortify Caribbean Choice by aligning with its core principles, ensuring that it attains the same level of perceived value as is deserving of a brand that has been consistently delivering exceptional quality.

I chose the tagline "Value you can Taste" to promote Caribbean Choice for compelling reasons. Caribbean Choice is rooted in providing high-quality products at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone can indulge in delicious flavours without breaking the bank. By emphasizing both value and taste, this tagline highlights the duality of prioritizing the finest ingredients at an affordable price point.

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The Artwork Concepts

Poster  |  Press  Concept Artwork

Carbbean Choice Mackerel Poster.png

Poster  |  Press  Concept Artwork

Carbbean Choice Poster Main.png

Poster  |  Press  Concept Artwork

Carbbean Choice Poster B.png

Social Media Post  Concept Artwork

Caribbean Choice SM post 2.png
Caribbean Choice SM post 1.png
CC Wobbler.png

Wobbler  Concept Artwork

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Video (TVC) Concept 

Video Concept / Script

The $1,000 Challenge

We will follow “Dave” (An Influencer) as he is tasked with the challenge of purchasing goods at a local supermarket to make lunch for his 4 friends. The limits are: Only spend $1,000 and the food must taste good.


All recorded from a phone camera - First person style

Opening Scene: At a home

Dave while vlogging and pointing at his friends sitting in the couch say: “Hey you see dem hungry people deh ova dehso, dem challenge me fi buy lunch fi everybody an it haffi taste good… but mi only can spend $1,000. Dem say me cyaa do it… but watch me..”


We see Dave jump in the car, and put his phone in a phone dash holder


Dave jumps out the car and walks into a supermarket


Dave walks down an aisle looking for Caribbean Choice products. Dave says to camera… “Ah true dem nuh know mi can stretch my dollah AN mek di food taste good too wid Caribbean Choice”

Cut to Dave at home cooking up a storm and vlogging himself (Time-lapse Style)


Dave puts each plate of food down on the dinning table in front of each of his friends.


They start eating and all look confused and wonder how he was able to pull it off. One of the friends ask: “Breda… Ah how you do it?”


Dave smiles… turns around and looks to the phone camera and whispers as if speaking directly to the viewers secretly "Caribbean Choice - Value you can Taste”



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